Implied chance of Jan Fed rate cut "as low as 82% after CPI data"

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  1. Implied chance of Jan Fed rate cut "as low as 82% after CPI data" - Reuters
  2. th PPI was higher yesterday but the market battled back. today,the data clearly shows that inflation is now reaching the consumer with the cpi data.
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    What are they looking at when they come up with this number?
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  5. Fed Funds futures.
  6. That's still too high in my opinion. I don't think they should have cut this past time.

    Everyone and his grandma with a pulse is saying to keep cutting rates bla bla bla. IMO, they're idiots. Stop crying about your bad decisions that you keep taking a bath on and wake up. None of that is going to help anyone unless you want the hole to get bigger. I don't get how so many people can make this into something so difficult to understand. Between the majority of the population, the bankers, CNBC (the birthplace of idiocy), and as far as i'm concerned the dumbest people on earth: economists, it's no wonder why things have been a big whipsaw lately. and to top it all off, all everyone can do is point your freakin fingers. Get a grip on reality first. Learn something. Or don't and continue to complain and let the smart money take you like a casino.
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    I'm looking at the ZQ on ECBOT and it says 96 is this the right number?
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  9. try deducting them from 100 that may help.

    also consider the settlement of the fed funds future against the fomc decision day.

    also consider the eurodollars contracts for the same months.

    by working this out you will have the implied forecasted interest rate.
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    wow, that sucks...i thought i could just look at a quote
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