Imperialism, murder, and disregard for sovereignty; policy of Democrat adminstration

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  1. Not only did the Obama administration try to take credit for intelligence gathered entirely via Bush policy which Obama himself harshly criticized for the vast majority of his campaign, they then used said intelligence to carry out what can only be considered an inhumane slaughter by a death squad, on foreign soil no less.

    Obama endlessly criticized the enhanced torture techniques and the existence of the Guantanamo Bay prison, then promptly ignored these issues which he was once so passionate about right after being elected. Yes, people were dancing in the streets in Paris, celebrating our "post racial" future, even a Nobel laureate was brought to tears. Somehow in all the blissful joy, people didn't seem to notice that he had sworn to close Guantanamo, end water boarding, and bring the troops home immediately.

    He had previously offered scathing criticism for the techniques used to derive intelligence objecting to many on humanitarian grounds, only to then continue to harvest intelligence derived from the activities he so passionately disapproved of and take credit for the outcome. Then, if the hypocrisy wasn't enough, he then proceeds to use the intelligence to violate another nations sovereignty, and slaughter several foreign nationals.

    Under the Republican administration we at least had trials and some form of due process before killing war criminals we located. Saddam Hussein was given a high profile legal staff, and a full western style trial before being executed. Even the Nazi mass murderers who were captured were allowed representation and a fair, public trial before being sentenced to hang. But not with our current Democrat administration, which ironically prides itself on it's "fairness" and "humanity". I guess those days are gone: the days when Westerners ruled our nation, and conducted our affairs in adherence to Western concepts of ethnics and justice for all, even criminals.

    And what of all of Obama's supposed "statesmanship", his Nobel Peace Prize which he was awarded a mere 8 months into his presidency? Where was this supposed statesmanship and diplomacy in this unilateral, illegal death squad slaughter? Why wasn't NATO involved? Why wasn't anyone involved? Surely it wouldn't take very much time to find some willing international force to cooperate on such a high profile mission. Why wouldn't he want to get someone else involved simply to add legitimacy to the mission, so that it would become a multilateral effort? For such a supposed diplomatic statesman, most would think this to be a no-brainer. Not to mention the gratuitous slaughter which ensued.

    In the fashion typical of an African thug or dictator, he acted as judge, jury, and executioner, with absolutely no due process. Not entirely unlike his policy here at home. This of course makes any thoughtful observer at the very least incredulous about his previous tirades about "inhumanity" and foreign intervention. Are our western values of dignity, justice, due process, and fairness for all being undermined by a dictator with values foreign to our own?
  2. First the right said Obama was to weak to fight terrorism,now that he is kicking terrorist ass like republicans never would have imagined they call him a murderer and war criminal LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Kind of like they did to us ? Bravo Mr President
  4. Hmm, I'm pretty sure there was a lot more "ass kicking" done under Bush's watch than Obamas. Either way, the military are overwhelmingly republican, so either way the Republicans did most all of the ass kicking.

    In any case, how would I be considered "the right"?

  5. So much for the Democrat respect for due process, dignity, and ethics. No no, we've switch from western concepts of fairness and due process to 3rd world justice concepts like "an eye for an eye" as described in the quote below

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    No one on the right calledObama a war criminal. We are just wondering where your gay little Code pink friends who called bush a terrorist are at.

    Seems like they dropped off the face of the earth, it appears that liberals dont actually care about people, they only care about being elected.
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  8. The americans crying over bin Laden's death are ass clowns and not worthy of response. They have no loyalty to country, no enduring values, no sense of community and national pride. They are beguiled by the right wing hucksters who play to thier frustration over thier failed efforts to rise above thier miserable station. They are losers and attracted to trading in the mistaken hope they will score big with little effort.

    Cut Medicare and Social Security and they will end on a park bench for the remainder of their days. Which is what thier elected leaders hope to accomplish.
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  10. Hm, that's interesting. I haven't heard anyone on the right crying over bin Laden's death. I have heard many people who are rather pissed off and ashamed of how Obama went in like some African dictator with a death squad and slaughtered everyone with no due process or any diplomatic engagement.

    For a real American, such barbaric 3rd world behavior offends our western ethics of decency, dignity, and justice. It was a show of poor class which many Americans are understandably upset about, as it reflects negatively on them. This is just one further illustration of how the current administration is completely alien to and out of touch with our Western values. It offends our virtues and our inclination to act with as much decency as possible in any given situation; particularly one with as much gravitas as this.

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