Impeachment hearings?

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    This is going to get ugly. We haven't seen brinkmanship like this since the Cuban missile crisis.

    This could be payback from the Clintons. Don't think Hilary would not jump at the chance!

    Steve King on default: Obama could be impeached

    By REID J. EPSTEIN | 7/25/11 1:28 PM EDT Updated: 7/25/11 2:45 PM EDT

    Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said Monday that President Barack Obama “would be impeached” if the nation falls into default.

    “STOP talking about default,” he wrote on Twitter. “The 1st dime of each $1 of revenue services debt. Obama would be impeached if he blocked debt payments. C C & B!”

    King is among the House Republicans who voted for the so-called “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan that would introduce a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget. The Senate last week dismissed the House bill.

    King isn’t the first Republican to suggest that Obama should be impeached over the debt crisis.

    Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) said earlier this month it would be “an impeachable offense” for Obama to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval. In April, former Reagan administration official Bruce Fein drafted articles of impeachment in hopes that House Republicans would introduce them. And Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) in March said the air attacks on Libya are impeachable acts.
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  4. I'd be all for impeaching Obama, right after all 535 members of congress/senate are thrown out on their ass as well.
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    What's stopping us?
  6. Nancy Pelosi loves this dissent as it represents the highest form of patriotism!
  7. The law. The military. The system as it stands.
  8. ==============
    As close as elections are , anything could happen. I hope the President was joking when he was reaching out to [undocumented ] Hispanics, saying ''they want to triple the border patrol,maybe they want a moat , maybe they want alligators in the moat.:D

    Mr Emmanuel[Now Chicago mayor]may have seen the hand wrinting on the wall and said adios amigos. The king of Egypt drowned in the Red Sea. Wow, some seas are green. King of Egypt drowned in the Red Sea.

    Alligators are expanding thier range;
    that alligator joke may not have gotten him many laughs or many votes in the Hispanic community , having to cross the moat like, Rio Grande:D
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    Impeached for what?

    I mean, I like the idea but don't see where there is cause. The president is behaving like a petulant child, not criminally or unconstitutionally...yet.

    Its not like he got a blowjob from an intern in the oval office is it? :D