Impeachment Hearing Today....Fox News

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    Bush, Cheney, and others deserve a lot more than just impeachment....

    Words cannot describe the damages to the US and the World....

    Bush/Cheney serves as the perfect example of bad leadership and mismanagement.....
  2. What a joke. Failed policies aren't "high crimes and misdemeanors"

    If an elected leader executes failed policies, you vote him/her out of office.

  3. The question is 'should they be?' There is a fine line between failed policy and criminal activity that I believe has been crossed more than once this past few years.
  4. clacy


    Exactly. People forget that Bush was RE-ELECTED after his first term.
  5. What an ignorant thread. Go back to moveon(i'm a dumbass).org
  6. Joab


    Bush is the Anti - Christ :mad:

    He sold out America to his oil company constituents.

    Tar and feather the moron and parade with through the streets naked.

    Well maybe not naked that would be scary.
  7. Are you an American?


    Then mind you own friggin' business.
  8. LOL I didn't know you could vote the anti-christ out of office.

  9. Liberals seem to think that the very purpose of gov't is to take money from the public and give it to their constituents.

    They can't conceive of any other reason for a war. Remember this when Obama starts dropping bombs. It will have nothing to do with fighting enemies, etc. It will be some kind of payoff. Because that's all they know how to think and do.
  10. Really? The so-called conservatives seem to be doing the same thing.
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