Impeach OBAMA now!

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  1. Well, they passed this so-called "stimulus" bill which won't stimulate anything short-term, and even long-term is debatable.

    It is mostly just a huge load of social programs, more government, long term obligations and left-wing agenda.

    It contains virtually nothing to create significant short-term tax relief, no AMT relief, no real incentive for employers to create jobs NOW, no foreclosure or housing market stabilization aid, nothing to promote any real growth in the short term.

    Even the programs that are growth-related are mostly long-term and will be largely offset by the larger government needed to administer them.

    It was so partisan and one-sided that hardly any Republicans voted for it.


    I have seen Mr. Obama on t.v. saying:

    "This won't be business as usual"

    "We are going to slash useless government programs"

    "This is going to be a bi-partisan effort"

    "We are going to conduct the People's business"

    What a blatant f***ing LIAR.

    He is now officially the most dishonest President this country has ever had, in his first week in office.

    All of you who voted for this left-wing puppet should hang your heads in shame.


  2. i don't like obama. i thought he might be different but he won't do anything. the more i hear the less i like him. i thought bush was bad but i dislike obama as much. i don't think he is taking the economy as seriously as people think. the main thing he has done so far is give his harvard alumni friends well paid jobs in government and not much else. he hasn't offered any thing more than bush.

    to be far it is early days but if he was going to do anything big he would have done it. it would have been planned a long time ago. when gordon brown became chancellor he changed things straight away the control of interest rates at boe for a start.

    not that i think that was the greatest idea but if obama was intending brilliant things he would have got the moves in motion by now.

    at least that is what i think for what it is worth.
  3. Why don't both of you just shut your stupid ass(es) up and go turn on an epidosde of Seinfeld? :confused: :mad:
  4. Obama shows why/how people fell for Madoff - all talk and no action (or no good action at least).

    If you are a good speaker, you can go out and tell people you will help them with jobs, health care, economy, make foreign countries like us more, help us use less oil, etc, etc. But, then he appears to have no actual abilities so he is crashing and burning.

    He has no experience buildng a business, he has never created jobs (campaign jobs would have been there for who ever the candidate was). He never made his own money in the free markets (i.e. he made money as a state Rep. and using favors to buy house cheap, etc.). He is basically an affirmative-action President.

    I have tried to keep an open mind and I have said I hope he does well (and I still do), but not off to a good start at all.


  5. Excuse me, you came to this thread, I did not come to yours - therefore go away if you don't like the topic.
  6. 244-188 AND YOU ARE THINKING THAT 1 MAN CREATED THIS CONCEPT. Do you honestly think the President is the only one who comes up with these ideas. Here is the factor that you don't understand.

    We have to bring hope back to the consumer market of the lower class. When they stop spending the economy goes bust. For every trader there is a million small spenders who go to macys and Home Depot while you live in your own world. Most of these people have no idea what a bid and ask is. The media has created a lack of confidence in the marketplace.

    I believe in Harvard.. I believe they cultivate the best and brightest minds in this country. As the world waits to trance this new president there is a world that supports his every move.

    Its not about the man its about the country. I trade for profits and I can say that I am the best market timer on this board so when I say stop killing the economy with the negativity I say to you sincerely don't waste our time with these emotional posts filled with negativity.... Deflation is on the horizon...
  7. i will rather impeach /jail moran bush ,who started a war in iraq without any good reason ,killed 3500 young us troops,killed 400000 iraqi civilion ,ran the economy of this country to the ground. obama bringing the troop home and try to
    fixed the economy which bush has given him.:D :D :D

  8. You are missing the point. Of course it was the Sentate/House. but have you ever heard of "Presidential support"? How about "Veto"?

    If you want to talk about consumer confidence, Obama had an huge opportunity to prove to the people who elected him, including a lot of moderates and mild conservatives, that he was serious about saving the economy.

    IMO, that trust was violated or the Dems would never have got away with this bill.

  9. LMFAO - this was a joke, right? :confused:
  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Bush and his cronies and his corporate surpporters get to walk away with insane amounts of money after (nearly) bankrupting the American economy and this assclown slapshot comes on here and starts talking about "Impeach Obama", "Impeach Obama".

    What a complete moron ... if there are stupider ET'ers than him ...I haven't seen them. :eek:
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