Impeach OBAMA now!

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  1. Well, they passed this so-called "stimulus" bill which won't stimulate anything short-term, and even long-term is debatable.

    It is mostly just a huge load of social programs, more government, long term obligations and left-wing agenda.

    It contains virtually nothing to create significant short-term tax relief, no AMT relief, no real incentive for employers to create jobs NOW, no foreclosure or housing market stabilization aid, nothing to promote any real growth in the short term.

    Even the programs that are growth-related are mostly long-term and will be largely offset by the larger government needed to administer them.

    It was so partisan and one-sided that hardly any Republicans voted for it.


    I have seen Mr. Obama on t.v. saying:

    "This won't be business as usual"

    "We are going to slash useless government programs"

    "This is going to be a bi-partisan effort"

    "We are going to conduct the People's business"

    What a blatant f***ing LIAR.

    He is now officially the most dishonest President this country has ever had, in his first week in office.

    All of you who voted for this left-wing puppet should hang your heads in shame.

  2. fhl


    There was bipartisan opposition to this sham of a stimulus bill. All republicans were joined by eleven democrats.

    Bipartisan opposition to this bill. Will the media report it accurately?
  3. The media will report about his glistening pecs.
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  5. Vista


    I guess these boneheads want to the whole U.S. to be just like screwed up California.
  6. Lucrum


    Do they ever?

    Yes, as a matter of fact they do.
  7. Lucrum


    1) And yet it already is...

    2)And yet he funds them with more money.

    3)Not so far anyway.

    4)I think he must have misspoke, meaning instead to say I am going to further the liberal agenda.
  8. I'm for raise the money. I'll sign the paper. .Go.

  9. ideally the stimulus plan should consist of permanent tax cuts for businesses