Impeach Hamilton

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  1. Shouldn't Hamilton be impeached? Here's an article that argues imo well for it. What Constitutional justification did she have for overriding the Senate and House, 70% of the american public and a clearly barbaric act?

    Not trying to get into an abortion debate here but rather pose questions about judges clearly overstepping their bounds...
  2. Our judiciary is becoming a bad joke. Decisions are based on nothing but personal policy preferences, then we the people are supposed to obey unquestioningly because "It's the Law." How long are law-abiding people going to tolerate this? At what point do they rise up and say "Enough. It's not the law."

    The Founders, in their typical brilliance, provided a check on the possibility of an out of control judiciary. Congress can impeach judges. Certainly there are many that need to be removed. In fact, it would be an excellent way to pay back the Senate Democrats for their outrageous obstruction of judicial nominees whom a majority of the Senate would vote to confirm.

    Congress also has the clear right to restrict the jurisdiction of the federal courts. In fact, the lower federal courts are not even required to exist. Only the Supreme Court is actually required and Congress, within broad limits, can specify its jurisdiction.

    Either move would require a minor amount of political courage, which seems to be in short supply among Republicans.
  3. Agreed. This was an incredible and blatant misuse of judicial power. I simply can't believe I'm living in an America where 70% of the people want something, the President and Congress inacted it and the judiciary said, "No!". It's simply unimaginable to me.

    But even more unimaginable to me is the lack of response by all parties. When I was in elementary school, all the kids marched behind placards for the favorite candidates.

    This country is just growing "dead". It has no idealogy, no vision, no leadership... ## sigh ##

    I'm searching for a little hope here...
  4. Can you explain a little more about this? Don't know the history here...
  5. Here's another question: is there any country on planet earth that is conservative? Any Asian or Latin American countries? (It's obviously no in western europe.) Is socialism of various forms almost universal among free nations?
  6. If not for the judicial power, we would still have separate drinking fountains.
  7. I'm not saying the judiciary is always wrong or that it has not done noble things in times past.

    But using your judicial power to allow adults to savagely attack a late term baby when Congress passed a law and the American public is very much against it is not such an example.

    Clearly the power has gone to their heads. Perhaps you solved the problem: maybe the intoxication of their successes in the civil rights era made them feel as if they had been commissioned to be architects of social change.

    Being just a plain ol' everyday Supreme Court judge just got too mundane for them I guess!
  8. Late term fetus, not late term baby....that is the real issue.

  9. Not for Congress and a strong majority of the American public.
  10. Then have the majority of Congress and the American people impeach the judge.

    The system works, if people work through the system.

    Checks, and ballances, not the majority run roughshod over the minoirty rights.

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