Impeach Bernanke

Discussion in 'Economics' started by shortie, Aug 3, 2011.

Fire Bernanke

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  1. where is QEn?
  2. is it true that 3 trillion in total market cap has been erased in 2 weeks?

    that's more that debt ceiling change ($2.4T)

    **correction*** I think only $1T has been lost.

    for F*k it! who cares...
  3. It's not Bernanke's fault the economy is so bad... blame the credit crunch and the housing bust. Though he was in power at the time, it's mostly Greenspan's doing, though he seems to deny it to this day :)
  4. If a bag of shit does not hold public office, "impeach" is giving too much importance.

    Bernanke needs to be fired, on the spot, and in public, and replaced by one of the 1000s of americans better qualified than him.
  5. Here you go again, tj... And here I thought you got mellow and relaxed.