Impala (25k) vs. Taurus (24k) vs. Accord (20k) vs. Camry (19k)

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  1. The title says it all as to why Ford and Chevy should not live. The Camry and Accord are obvious buys over the Taurus or Impala.
  2. What a piece of garbage.
  3. bad that MOTOR TREND ranked it #1 over camry and accord and several others in the same! :)

    This car KILLS the competition in performance, interior quality, and back seat room.

    New Passat CC is very sharp if you move up into the next segment......

  4. I say kick the stupid Jap cars out of America along with all that cheap shit that comes here from China. Who in the hell buys that cheap China crap from Walmart anyway? People who voted for NObama?
  5. Motor Trend will rate anything #1 if it's German and the competition isn't. Just because a car can accelerate more briskly than others doesn't mean that it's good. That Camry will have the following over the Passat:
    1) Reliability
    2) Resale value
    3) Much lower total cost of ownership.

    Owning a VW is the stupidest decision a car buyer can make. Well, next to owning a Mercedes.
  6. If memory serves, a few years ago, the CAA rated the VW Jetta Turbo Diesel as the most unreliable car on the road. I'm disinclined to meet any of its cousins any time soon.
  7. Are you serious???
    Motor Trend have been japanese car fanboys for a long time!!! :eek:
  8. WRONG.....german turbodiesels are exceptionally reliable and easily run well over 200,000 miles with basic servicing.

    Go test drive the new Jetta Turbodiesel.....excellent ride with great torque (honda....take notes here!) and handling! :cool:
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