Imp. Volatility Charts

Discussion in 'Options' started by JPope, Dec 14, 2010.

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    I've been asked about this and have wondered myself. Does anyone know how to find the charts of implied volatility on various commodities? How about charts of the implied vol on specific strikes in an option chain? I feel like this is a long shot, but any insight would be helpful. Thanks
  2. I look for a vix index or future for the particular commodity. For example, I believe gold has one [Gold Volatility Index (VIX)]. You can find it and a chart on the webpage. I couldn't find one for any other metal. Crude has one too [Crude Oil Volatility Index (VIX) ]. You can check the above website for others.

    Another trick I use is look at the IV of the near month ATM call ask. My broker, IB, displays it if you point to the ask.