IMO the most important ruleset.

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  1. The most important core ruleset the market follows... Above candle counts and cycles... Is the range break rules.

    There are a few different ways to solve the odds. Higher timeframe cycles, moving averages. Oversold/overbought levels... Etc...

    Ill give you a tip... When certain ranges are broken... The market has a specific set of target prices that the market will need to test. The reaction to the market to those target prices (in time) tells you the odds of trend stopping at the target price or continuing on to the next target price.

    There are other better solutions to calculating things, but this is all ill give you.
  2. One little extra tip... Get out a ruler and start looking at proportionality in market movement.

    Each market movement is generally proportional to another.
  3. Unless your a complete retard...

    Understanding the proportional structure to market price targeting and movement will help you greatly with your trading plan.

    There is some VERY advanced modeling that goes into solving the precise targets. The kind of models that are only found at quant funds with master mathematicians and codebreaker...

    But, even without that you will be able to use this knowledge to your advantage unless your so stupid you failed highschool math... And I think only 25% of people around here are that stupid. So the statistical odds are that there is only a 25% chance you are that stupid so that is good for you. :D :D :D

    The three core rulesets of this video game called "Trading" are "Range", "Time"(As defined by candles or some other way.), and "Trade Cycles".

    Have a good 4th of July everyone!
  4. There is a more important set of fundamental rules behind why the proportionality exists.

    I'm keeping that secret. :D

    Generally when you see a pattern in the market. Your just looking at the derivative of something more fundamental.

    I completely ignore trendline breaks, H&S's and all those different price patterns... They are not important. Peoples recognition/fear of the highly visible classical patterns should be noted because it acts as a emotional catalyst.

    What the previous charts should also make you realize is... That most intraday price movement is just noise. Just pro's playing amateurs as the market makes it's way toward a set target in both time and price.
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