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  1. Check out this article about how madoff affected a couple's architectural projects that were designed to promote longer living

    Marketsurfer, you list immortality as one of your interests so let me know what you think.

    I think it's a little bit weird to approach longer living through the angle this couple did. I believe more in nutrition, vitamins, exercise, and stimulating your brain through reading alot.
  2. Interesting. Those people are artists--claims seem to simply be designed to hype their projects, interesting none the less.

    live longer if your uncomfortable....

    unusual thoughts, thanks!

  3. Cryongenics. I'd like to wake up 5000 years from now when the world isn't populated with mutants.
  4. you want to be unhappy think on this..

    if we were born a mere 2 or 3 hundred years later we'd all have a shot at immortality, or at very least lifespans many multiples our current

    now, that's to be pissed off about :mad:
  5. There is a proven way to live much, much longer, with much better health.

    The absolute truth is that the FDA, doctors - and especially the insurance companies doctors work for, do NOT want the average person to know about it. In fact, the genie is already sort of out of the bottle, and they're trying as hard as they can to pull it back in.

    The FDA is an organization of hired bagmen and criminals.
  6. What makes you think the mutants will have died out in 5000 years? They may have just grown stronger and mutated even more. Or, you may regain consciousness only to find yourself alone on an empty planet.
  7. your a moron :p

  8. well, if we were born a mere 2-300 years ago, our lifespans would be 1/2 or less then todays. but yeah, i agree with you, but it may happen sooner than we think!!

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