IMMINENT:looks like USA is going to attack Yemen next.

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  1. 17:18 AFP: Departure of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh is unavoidable, France says

    17:07 AFP: Five Yemeni ambassadors in Europe demand Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh's resignation

    Rival tanks deploy in streets of Yemen's capital after powerful general defects to opposition

    By Ahmed Al-Haj (CP) – 3 hours ago

    Maj. Gen. Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, commander of the army's powerful 1st Armored Division, was the most senior of the three commanders to join the opposition. He announced his defection in a message delivered by a close aide to protest leaders at the Sanaa square that has become the epicenter of their movement.

    This is the exact same scenario as Libya, army defects, and ambassadors defecting to the rebel side. France demanding Ali-Abdullah Salleh must step down same as Gadaffi, before 100 cruise missiles rained down on him.

    But Ali-abdullah is a staunch friend of the USA.

    Will the USA intervene to bomb the rebels instead?
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  3. Pull your head outa your ass. You sound like the typical Scum Bag Liberal Press.

    A: the US did not attack Libya. NATO did. France took the lead on this. Yes, Tomahawks were used but it was not the US alone. We have a bafoon as a president with no balls. The US will not do anything on its own. Even if we were nuked the Bafoon would want to sit down and have tea with the Terrorist.

    B: There is nothing logical pointing to a Yemen attack by NATO. Yemen is a small country with ports. It is not a "OIL" based country and there is no threat to the world oil supply from Yemen.

    Once again, pull your head outa your ass and think for your self.
  4. The Somali pirates want to use it as an additional operations center for more high seas attacks. :(
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    Tsing Tao

    i thought 124 tomahawks were fired, of which 122 were ours.

    the brits fired 2 from a sub.

    sounds like the coalition we had in iraq.
  6. I see a clear logical motive in attacking Yemen and that is to deny safe harbour to terrorists.
  7. We should nuke Yemen. They hate Israel.

    Another reason to nuke Yemen is just in case they have got weapons of mass destruction.
  8. I say we bomb them all. They are all muslim terrorists and deserve it.
  9. +1