Immigration solution to deficit.

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  1. US has a population of approx 300M
    118M tax payers and 65M retirees.

    Our citizens average 2 kids. Just enough to maintain our population but not enough to increase our tax base.

    Open up immigration and Sell 140M US citizenship at $100K a piece requiring the immigrants to purchase a house within 1 year.

    These well to do immigrants will bring money and create new businesses here. They will buy up all of our housing excess and generate 14T in immigration fees.

    The US population will increase from 300M to over 500M and increase the tax payer base to 250M.

    Solves the illegal immigrant issue... Pay up or get deported.
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    And you think the bleeding heart liberal democraps will support immigrating intelligent wealthy immigrants over poor peasants not to mention deporting the ones that are here?
  3. Don't know.. don't care.

    If our country can provide more favorable taxation, more freedoms, opportunities and resources than anywhere else than about every wealthy person in the world would want our special dual citizenship.

    This already happens under the E2 investor visa except at miniscule fees.

    Our commitment is to provide a fair money system and world wide defense of our citizens and their interests.

    As a country built on immigrants seems hypocritical to shut the door. We need new blood.

  4. Who will actually be working in the kitchens of all of those new ethnic restaurants? :confused: :(
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    Possibly, it would certainly raise some cash.

    Not to me it doesn't, and I think we're overpopulated as it is.
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    Here's my immigrant solution to the deficit: Charge Mexico $100,000 per annum for each illegal immigrant here from that country. Enforceable by the Marines.
  7. We are the 180th least populated country by density.
    We average of 32 people per sq km.

    Regardless, like any competitive sport or business we need to attract and retain the best talent in the world. If we allow wealthy influential people a path to citizenship it can only make us stronger.

  8. damn China is only ranked 80th despite having a 1.4 billion population. Huge country huh
  9. Yeah, it would be nice to get all the wealthy people in the world to abandon their businesses, jobs and trades, move to the USA and bring their wealth with them.You are completely delusional though if you think you can find 140 million people in the world willing to pay $100,000 for a greencard and having enough cash left to buy a house. (Hint: there is a similar program in Canada, not too many takers)

    And even if you could find them, it would triple the population as each one of them would bring along a wife and kids (let alone other family members who become eligible to immigrate). We don't have 140 million empty houses and will not have them in one year, we don't have enough roads, infrastructure, hospitals, doctors, cops, colleges, teachers, garbage collectors, ESL classes, plumbers, undertakers etc to accommodate all these people. The US may not be a densely populated country but rich foreigners paying $100,000 for their greencards will NOT be willing to settle in Montana or Iowa and become farmers or construction workers, they'll want to live in New York, LA, Miami, San Francisco, other words places that are already extremely overcrowded.
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    I believe you, but I still think both the planet and the USA are overpopulated.

    Probably, although that is the exact opposite of what we're doing now.
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