immigration reform

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  1. do you think reform legislation will happen this year?
    and will it be enfocement only or have additional provisiona such as guest worker program and a solution for undocumented immigrats?
  2. This could turn into the biggest issue of the year. For now, it is in the shadow of Iraq.

    I fully expect the House to pass an amnesty bill even more friendly to illegals than the one Bush proposed. No doubt there will be a filibuster in the Senate. It wouldn't take too many republican defeatists like McCain, Olympia snow, Susan Collins, Chuck Hagel and Lindsey Graham for that filibuster to be overridden. There is a rumor around that Bush has brokered a deal in which the Democrats leave his tax cuts in place in exchange for his signing amnesty legislation.
  3. Those who would deny amnesty are made of sterner stuff. Their type has virtually disappeared. Anyone thinking this sorry lot will opt for anything short of amnesty is deluded.

    That's the first part of whatever 'comprehensive' legislation is passed. The other part will most likely so greatly increase legal immigration that any measures taken to secure against illiegal border crossers will be almost redundant. Who cares if another ten million Mexicans come legally or illegally? It's still ten million more Mexicans (or Haitians or Cambodians etc). Anyone thinking that all of the social ills caused by illegals would disappear if those same people were in the country legally is, again, deluded. Seriously, amost suicididally, deluded. Of course, these are issues that cannot be raised, because raising them requires Americans asking the kind of tough questions about what being an American means that Americans prefer not to ask--probably for fear of getting an answer.
  4. More people = more demand = more debt = more money.

    Since native born americans aren't having enough children, gotta get the people from somewhere.

    Of course, better hope that they don't use any social services...