Immigration not hurting US workers

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  1. of course man... It only makes the US workers more efficient.. Lean & mean.
  2. The study, however, did not look at whether wages were affected by immigration. Advocates for tighter immigration policies argue that immigrant workers depress wages for American workers, especially those with few skills and little education.
  3. All I have to do is drive around my neighborhood and look at the construction industry. 20 years ago, illegals were just digging ditches now they are electrical contractors wannabes. Does that depress wages for legals? Of course it does.
  4. Isn't that a good thing? It would motivate them to get better skills and better education.

    I am all for Better Skills and Better Education for all Americans.. even retarded ones.
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    Having a Pew Spanish group study the effects of illegal immigration in the U.S. is like asking Al-Jazeera its opinion of the current Israeli-Hezbollah conflict.
    I'm sure both groups will come out with an "unbiased" opinion about the subject matter in question.
  6. I totaly agree with that, Their work is sub standard.
  7. Looking at it objectively, it's not that's it poor quality per se, it's now peice meal. You have Juan doing one thing, Jesus another when Jimmy used to do both things. Juan and Jesus get 8 bucks per hour while Jimmy used to get 18 per hour. That's how I see it.
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    If you are a homeowner in Southern California then you are ahead of the game regarding illegals, they drove the demand and saved my ass[ets]. My property went to zero value when the Aerospace boom busted but illegals drove the price of this undesireable property through the roof. [no pun there!] Fannie Mae and all these homeowner assist corp's don't check for legal status BTW. We have borders, on paper, but there are so many businesses in the US that want illegals we cannot get the govt. to enforce them in any meaningful way.

    If you read some history, the wage differential problem near the US/Mexico border was the main issue hundreds of years ago!!
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    NAFTA, CAFTA and all the other trade pacts are nothing but a concerted effort to create a regional trading block without borders. Notice how in the last decade every continent has come block or another. It's part of the conditioning process to eliminate borders.
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