Immigration Control Coming to a Town Near You!

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  2. There's no doubt this will snowball into something far greater than it is today. The question is whether the ACLU will have the ability to challenge every state and town that enacts it, or whether they'll simply try to set precedence and then attack on that basis. Of course, if they lose, then there goes that solution.
  3. The people have spoken. End of discussion.
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    It will be necessary in the not too distant future to redefine citizenship. No, not so we can let more people become citizens, but instead redefine it to a two-tier system, so we can exclude our own undesireable citizens from participating in the economies the deserving, productive people (I'm thinking of the owners of the robots) are setting up in gated communities.
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    The snowball effect is what I am afraid of. You will suddenly have hundreds or thousands of little bands of immigrant checkers running amok all the while Washington fiddles while the country burns.
  6. I don't know where you get all that. I really don't. This isn't an issue of whites versus Hispanics, or color versus creed. It's an issue of those who are citizens + those who went through the correct process to become citizens VS those who have ignored the LAW of the land and come here to take what isn't theirs.

    My wife is not a citizen. She and I were married when we were overseas. We have gone through the costly and timely effort of applying for permanent resident status, then having the conditions on that status removed, and now applying for citizenship. The whole process cost us well over $2,000 (not including legal fees my company helped us with to make sure the process - which is difficult to follow - was done right), and over 3 years. And it's still not done.

    She HATES illegals because they get away with what she had fought so hard to obtain. And I do too.

    So you can make this about an imaginary prejudicial thought process, but it's about law. It's about cutting in line. It's about cheating. That's what pisses most of us off.
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    2K? You got off pretty cheap (based on experience).
  8. I know,. Because I had a company provided attorney as part of my expat relo program. All I'm including in that quote is the form fees (the latest of which, the N-400 for citizenship, is about $650).

  9. The country" burns" precisely due to DC ineffective leadership. Hence, these bills being introduced.
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    My allegory had nothing to do with race or ethnicity.
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