Immigration bill would import 1 million workers per year

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    The Senate’s draft immigration bill will provide 1 million visas for foreign workers each year, according to government data and news reports.

    The 1 million inflow would provide companies with almost one foreign worker for every four Americans who turn 18.

    The inflow would be high enough to fill up all the new non-farm jobs created during the last six months, and it is in addition to the routine annual inflow of 540,000 working-age immigrants.

    The 1 million worker inflow would include at least 350,000 people capable of competing for middle-class skilled jobs sought by the 1.8 million Americans who graduate from university each year. Only about 10 percent of the visa workers are farm workers.[/b]

    “I believe in a free-market, but this [inflow] will aggravate the problems for [American] graduates,” Richard Vedder, director of the libertarian Center for College Affordability and Productivity, told The Daily Caller.

    The increased inflow numbers suggest “we’re substituting foreign workers for domestic workers, and maybe that makes a certain about of sense” for cost-conscious businesses, he said.

    In response, he suggested, colleges could reduce enrollment of U.S. students who will be crowded out of middle-class jobs, even after paying expensive tuition prices. “Why should kids be paying $100,000 to go to college and then get jobs working at Wal-Mart or Target?”

    Amid the stalled economy, college graduates comprise roughly one-third of the minimum-wage workforce. Half of recent graduates are working in jobs sought by high-school graduates and dropouts, and roughly 20 million skilled and unskilled Americans lack full-time jobs.

    The inflow of workers is good for the Democratic Party’s political clout, because it increases unemployment, reduces wages and boosts dependence on government aid.

    But it creates a problem for Republicans, partly because low unemployment and high wages encourage people to get married, have kids and vote GOP.

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  2. Republicans have managed to convince themselves that the only way they can stay relevant is to embrace illegal immigration, amnesty, etc . Of course, there has always been a group of RINOs, eg McCain, Lindsey Graham, Bush family, who were in favor of selling out our country and turning it into a banana republic. They have seized on the last election, much as democrats hae tried to exploit Newtown, to panic the rest of the party into gutting our immigration laws and rewarding lawbreakers.

    This article suggests a different path. Would it be so hard for republicans to address their weakness among the younger voters by appealing to their self-interest? Are kids with a mountain of debt and no job prospects really going to support importing low wage foreign workers to compete with them?

    Has anyone bothered to put it into those terms?
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    Heck of a good question! This is why it would be a God send to completely clean out Washington, and have guys like you in there who have some damned sense.