Immigration bill derailed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LT701, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. LT701


    may 1 for march day every year is no coincidence

    it's sedition and subversion, plain and simple. the sad side effect of Joe McCarthy, was that he cried 'Wolf', and now the wolf's here
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  2. Yiou're right. Pew Foundation as well. They have donated millions to pro amnesty forces. The Catholic church is also a big supporter. The Bishop of Los Angeles has really got himself involved.

    So you have the leadership of both political parties, big business, the mainstream media (except for Lou Dobbs), the big foundations and major church denominations on one side, and a bunch of angry ordinary citizens on the other. This really is shaping up as an historic political battle, kind of a latter day Gettysburg if you will. Lose this, and we lose our country.

    Personally, I will never forgive those who fought against us, such as the Wall Street Journal, Bush and his crowd, backstabbing "conservatives" like Linda Chavez, and of course the republican sell outs in the senate like Lindsey Graham et al. You know the stakes are high and they are under intense pressure from their masters to prevail when they start throwing around terms like bigot and racists to describe their own (former) supporters. Well, they picked a side. Now let them live with that choice, because there is no return.
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  3. jem


    What is he left going to say when all these immigrants make the dems abandon their radical elements in support of family values.

    That will be a very interesting day.

    The immigrants may actual move our country to the center.
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  4. LT701


    that's right the false political divide is the people cheering for a cartoon donkey vs cartoon elephant

    the real divide is the insiders of both parties vs the outsiders of both parties

    the insiders of both parties are united, and the outsiders are waking up to the the fact that they're united too

    that's actually what happend in the amnesty battle - true conservatives and unions killed it

    people are going to have to get used to working with people their not traditionally alligned with

    (funny thing is, i bet linda chavez treated her guatamalan nanny like crap--warm and kind when other people are around, and a monster in private)
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  5. K-Rock


    IMHO the Immigration bill is a done deal. It' just a matter of time before it will be made public.
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  6. Sort of ironic, but true. Most will do whatever the Church tells them to do.

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