Immigration bill derailed

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  1. Either these bozos have worse jdugment than Bush/Rove or they have been bought and paid for. Did they really think the conservative base would just sit by and watch this go through? It's not 1986 or 1965 anymore, when the media controlled the debate. Didn't Bush/Rove learn anything at all from Dubai Ports and Harriet Miers? Now they have managed to fracture the party. On the plus side, McCain's chances of getting the presidential nomination are zero, so we do have that going for us.
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    And don't think he isn't seriously POed about that. I heard an interview on a local talk radio station from a couple days ago, after it became apparent to the Senate that Shamnesty was DOA. Wow. There musta been smoke coming out his ears and fire out his eyes. He was furious.

    He honestly thought if he seized the center and became a very liberal Republican who still supported the war, he'd have it all.
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  3. Look, I would love to see Ron Paul elected president. I would settle for the next president just paying attention to him. Everytime I hear Tom Tancredo, I am more impressed. He seems like a really decent, thoughful man. Jim Gilmore did a really good job as governor of Virginia and is a proven conservative. Realistically however, any of them is a long shot.

    I am not wedded to Fred Thompson. I can see that he might be a formidable candidate, but I am concerned that he didn't exactly light up the Senate and that his campaign is staffed largely by big business republicans and ex-Bush people. His stance on immigration reeks of convenience, not principle. At least he was smart enough to listen to the voters however, unlike Bush and McCain.

    Again, we have to answer the question...compared to what? He's far from perfect, but seems far preferable to McCain or Rudy, and he lacks some of Romney's baggage.
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    i heard michal cherrtoff & diane fienstein on npr, which i rarely listen to

    they could NOT have been less circumspect, or more beligerent about the outcome

    dont drop your guards, they have no intent to back off
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  7. Right. They will let it sit for a week and hope people forget about it, then try to claim that they "fixed" the problems. Conservatives should not be high-fiving each other until this thing is dead and buried.

    The best thing conservatives can do now, other than continue to badger their congressment, is to recrurit top-notch, well-funded challengers for the traitors who support this, like Graham. It doesn't matter if they tend to vote our way on other issues. Lose this fight and we might as well all move to australia.

    Starting an impeach Bush movement might not be a bad idea either. His most basic responsibility as president is to defend our borders and he has willfully failed to do it. If a republican is to win the 08 election, he will have to attack Bush. Might as well get started now.
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  8. not just conservatives that didnt like this bill... lots of democrats hated it for other reasons. bottomline... as soon as they try to revise it.. we will be in their shit again. this stealth crap is a red flag.... you know they know its garbage legislation.
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  9. If you want to know who really organizes the illegal's protest marches look no further than the US communist parties - I'm not kidding. You can hear it on Spanish and some of the small community radio stations.

    The whole situation is almost beyond belief. Citizens have to obey laws, pay for medical care and social services - illegals get a free ride.

    If you want someone to enforce the laws and the Constitution - Ron Paul may be the last best chance.

    Help us Obi Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope.
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  10. the real funding can be traced back to wall street. names like soros and the ford foundation pop up. traitors!!!
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