Immigration bill derailed

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    Now, it's time to politically punish those scum politicians who tried to shove this down our throat

    'we are amereeeca!'

    no, no you're not

    you're illegal aliens

    nice try, very impressive

    but nothing more than that, a try

    now, get out

    you're here illegally

    (I love the 'NOW!' one one of those posters - just who the hell do these people think they are?)
  2. achilles28


    Great. Bury it.

    And enforce the laws that are already in place. For fucks sakes.
  3. exactly... mccain, graham, kennedy, chambliss, isakson, and others....... make these criminals pay.

    pure scumbags!
  4. They are criminals, and to add to the list: kyl, graham, martinez, reid, lott, bush . . .
  5. I agree with the desire to punish these backstabbing ingrates. It won't be easy. Most will not be up for reelection for years, and peoples' memories fade. Something else becomes the hot issue. Their opponents look even worse.

    Ultimately, I think the only solution is a new party dedicated to conservative principles. Except for Fred Thompson, each of the leading republican candidates threatens to shatter the party's voting coalition anyway. I can't see being part of a party that could nominate Guiliani, for example. Of course, that carries a huge downside as well. Splitting the republican vote will guarantee democrat control, at least for a while. They could use that control to make changes that would be impossible to reverse, like giving 12 million illegals immediate citizenship.

    What conservatives really need to do is to reach out to the far left of the democrat party and get them to also form another party. That way neither the left or right would risk handing control to their opponents. On second thought, the wacko left IS the democrat party, so maybe the conservatives ought to reach out to the moderate, middle of the road democrats and encourage them to form another party.
  6. LT701


    I would be happy to say 'yippee, we won', roll this off our backs and let them get away with it

    but then they'd just turn around and try it again

    my desire to punish them is more out of necessity than anger

    (well, ok, both)
  7. or just take back the republican party and its constitutional origins that ron paul preaches... seems a lot of the democrats are waking up to the fact they were sold out too.

    btw, your precious little fred thompson is more of a neocon corporate shill than Bush. he is a chickenhawk war monger that wants to sell his country out... and he had great practice being a lobbyist for GE/Westinghouse for 18 yrs.

    sorry but a 65 yr old cancer sufferer having babies is pure selfish egotism. this guy is more disgusting than dennis miller.

    oh yeah, one other thing about this criminal... he is a long time CFR member. the CFR wants to merge us into a NAU and sell our infrastructure to foreign corporations. they want to open our borders, so don't fall for freddy's crocodile tears when it comes to amnesty legislation.
  8. actually mccain and graham each scolded voters that spoke out against their chicaneries. for this they must pay and be made examples of.

    the mere attempt to try to sneak this bill through by stealth means (just like the nazi/patriot act) is bordering on treason.
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    ratboy, you forgot fred thompson's history of selling out Americans with guest workers

    no, a red pickup truck doesnt make up for that

    He's a good TV spot for fred

    'Hi, I'm Fred Thompson. I'm not a conservative, but I play one on TV'

    Fred Thompson's phenomenon is just one more example of the danger of infotainment, where people think that character on 'Law and Order' is a real person

    no people, hollywood's not going to create a true conservative for you
  10. “I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build the goddamned fence if they want it.”—Sen. John McCain (R.-Ariz.), interview with Vanity Fair, June 2007

    “We’re gonna tell the bigots (bigots = Americans against amnesty) to shut up!”—Sen. Lindsay Graham (R.-S.C.), receiving an award from and pandering to the National Council of The Race (La Raza), March 2007

    “F*** you! I know more about [immigration reform] than anyone else in the room.” —Sen. John McCain (R.-Ariz.) to Sen. John Cornyn (R.-Tex.), during a private negotiation meeting on the immigration bill, May 17

    “I understand that some people (those that disagree with me) think it’s not tough enough. Maybe they want people thrown in jail for 10 years or they want people executed.” —Homeland Surrender Secretary Michael Chertoff, interview with Newsweek, May 18
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