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  1. Seems like the whole debate is centered around discrimination & racial profiling. These laws require the Police to determine citizenship from anyone they suspect being here illegally when pulled over for any other violation.

    Seems there is a simple fix to this debate.
    Require the police to determine citizenship for everyone they stop or arrest.
    If the suspect is unable to produce proof they are here legally detain and transfer to the feds.

    This way everyone is checked without discrimination.
  2. Wait, first liberals say "race doesn't exist", then they get mad at people for "racially profiling". How can they "profile" on a basis which is imaginary or a "social construct"?

  3. Of course its discrimination. If you are from another country, you cant come here unless we say so. We are not discriminating against mexicans and other countries because they are a different color or race though...we discriminate against people that are poor and/or rowdy. If you have money, its pretty easy to come here.
  4. No, it isn't. You obviously haven't navigated the immigration process and know little about it. What makes it easy to come here is if you have a family or spousal sponsor. There are lots of well to do, educated Europeans which haven't got a chance in hell of immigrating. If you are from a 3rd world nation, your chances are far better. This is because of the "diversity quotas" ( anti caucasian quotas) in the immigration policy.

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    When the Police pull over someone and the conversation ends up like this trying to communicate with the driver..........licencia, seguro verificación por favor.

    Guess what?
  6. Exactly. If the person can't communicate effectively in English, but can in Spanish, and visibly seems to be of Latino descent, and is in a border state, it's very reasonable to suspect that they could possibly be an illegal immigrant. Left wing extremists call it "racial profiling". Everyone else calls it "common sense".

  7. Just seems like a simple fix to quash all the political posturing.
    Simply checking ID's of everyone fixes the problem and accomplishes the objective. Doesn't cost an additional dime and the mandatory ID check rule can be made consistent on a national level with 1 page federal law.

    Require proof of citizenship or legal residence as a criteria to get a drivers license or state ID. If the driver produces a valid drivers license or state ID that checks out after its called in the cop doesn't need to do anything else.

    When you arrest anyone they are required to produce ID.
    No valid ID and you are detained and turned over to the feds to deal with.

    This is the 21 century.. no need to issue paper visas and green cards. Issue visiting foreigners a Federal ID. Whats it cost? $2?

    Not so easy to make valid fake ID's anymore... but passports, visas, social security cards and other archaic paperwork is a piece of cake.
  8. It doesn't require citizenship to have a driver's license, and never has. People with work permit, student visas, etc can all get driver's licenses. Also, America still honors Mexican driver's licenses. All US passports, and nearly all the G-10 are now chipped. Sure, you could ask for proof of citizenship from anyone you stopped. This law, however, enables police to stop people or question people on the BASIS that they might be illegals, I believe.

    That sucks, I think. But hey, there is an illegal epidemic. About 1/3 of Mexico's GDP is money sent from mexicans in the USA. Mexico publishes guides for Mexicans which instructs them how to enter the country illegally and find work.

    Also, the fact that the drug cartels and violence associated with them is like 99% latino doesn't help much either. This, of course, would not be a problem if drugs were legal and regulated.

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    Common Sense and Liberalism are not synonymous.
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    Your idea seems to assume the feds actually want to do something about illegal immigrants in the first place. They DO NOT!
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