immigrants headed home

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is this good for the future of the US

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    Immigrants can see the Socialistic swing coming in America... and they're saying SCREW THAT!

    They can clearly see that NObama and the DemoCraps are going to PUNISH... innovation, risk taking, building a business, capital, higher education, personal and financial accomplishment of all kinds really, etc... and that America is turning into a homogeneous citizenry of those who care to do no more than barely work (better still if they can get away with not working at all)... and sit on their butt with their hand out for Gummint cheese.

    America, what a country!
  3. I think you're right. And while in the past we might have said that only in the US could they experience capitalism, that has now ended. We're in for years of "spread the wealth around", taking from productive and giving to the unproductive, courtesy of the Nobama administration, and his Democat collegues, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barnie Frank, Chuck Schummer, et al.

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    Ultimately that ends when the USSA is like the former USSR economically.

    No personal economic nor political freedoms, and 90% of the people have to queue up for their ration of toilet paper and potatoes.

    Do we really want that? Do we want that for OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN? How could Americans have even CONSIDERED voting to allow for this??
  5. It's not really that, as China is quite totalitarian and so is India. Neither are the fairy tales they are made out to be, even as a wealthy person there you have to become very desentisized and essentially sell your soul.

    What this signals is what I have been saying for months. This nation is finished, its goose has been cooked.
  6. wouldn't immigrants be glad for Gummint Cheese to be handed out? as low earners they would be able to get a cut of it
  7. gnome


    I supposed many would, but the article was about those with masters degrees and PhDs...

    Talent and capital are good things to attract to America. More ne'er-do-wells looking for a hand out are of little benefit.... might even call them a burden.
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    "Socialism" has zero to do with it. Just look at the reasons cited by the returnees. They're going back to be with their own families, their own cultures, ethnicities, and languages, and because China and India have advanced enough that you can find first-world-like pockets here and there.

    I am totally in favor of entrepreneurs and highly-skilled professionals immigrating here - and your run-of-the-mill computer programmer, network technician, etc. is not a "highly-skilled professional" just because he's willing to work for a pittance. I'm sure that demand for visas still massively outstrips supply.
  9. This actually worsens the problem. The skilled will leave for better opportunities, while the lazy, unskilled garbage stays behind and drains resources from the productive.
  10. As an immigrant myself I am happy. illegal immigration is very negative to legal immigration.

    Only LEGAL immigration.
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