Immelt Not So Keen On Obama and Policies Anymore

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    Immelt hits out at China and Obama

    By Guy Dinmore in Rome and Geoff Dyer in Beijing

    Published: July 1 2010 15:19 | Last updated: July 1 2010 20:33

    Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric’s chief executive, has launched a rare broadside against the Chinese government, which he accused of being increasingly hostile to foreign multinationals.

    He warned that the world’s largest manufacturing company was exploring better prospects elsewhere in resource-rich countries, which did not want to be “colonised” by Chinese investors. “I really worry about China,” Mr Immelt told an audience of top Italian executives in Rome, accusing the Chinese government of becoming increasingly protectionist. “I am not sure that in the end they want any of us to win, or any of us to be successful.”

    Mr Immelt also had harsh words for Barack Obama, US president, lamenting what he called a “terrible” national mood and expressing concern that over-regulation in response to the global financial crisis would damp a “tepid” US economic recovery. Business did not like the US president, and the president did not like business, he said, making a point of praising Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, for her defence of German industry.

    “People are in a really bad mood [in the US],” Mr Immelt said. “We [the US] are a pathetic exporter...we have to become an industrial powerhouse again but you don’t do this when government and entrepreneurs are not in synch.”

    Mentioning a meeting with Jean-Claude Trichet, he said the president of the European Central Bank “worries about inflation every day”, in contrast to Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, who will keep interest rates “at zero” as long as necessary.
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    Its too late.

    Many of us now strongly associate General Electric with leftist liberal policies and will no longer purchase their consumer products. I would rather chew my leg off than buy a GE product.

    But GE doesn't care about consumer electronics that much, they are busy forcing the US Gov to buy F-35 jet engines that are unwanted by the military or DoD.

    Immelt is a putz.
  3. What a tool.

    Maybe instead of whining he could get control of the leftwing fanatics running NBC and MSNBC.