IMF Rapist hurting the futures

Discussion in 'Trading' started by riddler, May 16, 2011.

  1. riddler


    is the IMF Rapist causing the futures to sink? i wonder if this was his first attempted rape or is there many more? he may be a professional rapist and may have had most of his rapist training in France.
  2. Locutus


  3. No

  4. The higher they fly - the harder they fall.

    Hubris - coming to an ego near you....
  5. bone

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    Well, in any event, it might be a longer term positive to rid the IMF and the international banking system of an impulsive and wreckless personality in a position of authority.

    BTW, alot of IMF counterparties have been complaining about getting raped for years.
  6. r-in


    Wow, I wish it provided more volatility. On another note, he's just another ass clown, like too many celebrities, or athletes.
    If I had a daughter, I'd have her qualified on various firearms, and encourage her to shoot and ask questions later. I'd also tell her to call home and we'd take care of any "issues" disappearing, and leaving no evidence.
  7. rumor is he told her he likes it Greek style