IMF Raises 2010 Growth Estimate to 4.6%

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    "...4.6 percent in 2010, the biggest gain since 2007, compared with an April projection of 4.2 percent..."

    "Growth next year is projected to be 4.3 percent, unchanged from the April forecast."

    "Canada and the U.S. are leading advanced economies out of the worst recession since World War II, trailed by euro-area countries..."
  2. the next time you post this BS also post what IMF forecasted in 2007-2008

    or maybe I will post

    World growth to slow in 2008, but still expected to remain solid at 4¾ percent
  3. The IMF couldn't be less accurate if it were run by a conference room full of monkeys.
  4. While you're at it why don't you post their forecasts for 2005-2006? Take the article for what it is - a prediction. Believe them or not, I don't care. But don't cherry pick a poor forecast and use it as a basis for proclaiming the IMF is always wrong.
  5. But if they lowered their forecast they would be spot on, correct? :D
  6. I don't know. What I do know is that I could have an equal chance at predicting the correct number as the IMF based on their past accuracy.