IMF chief and instant karma

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    We all know its likely this guy is probably not going to spend much time in prison, but as it turns out, the woman he "allegedly" raped lives in a building that is excusively for HIV/AIDS victims.

    So even if he gets away with it....he aint gonna get away with it.

    Thats of course, if what is being told on the news is true....
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    This woman looks more like an escort than an average black chambermaid.

    I have little sympathy for the Jewish davos man, but I find the charges against him hard to believe. A small, stocky 62 year old man supposedly assaulting and raping a 6 feet tall, 32 year old African woman.

    And instead of becoming nervous because of his obvious weakness, he remained confident enough to fill her mouth with sperm.

    In many hotels, female staff are amenable to sex in exchange for money. I've experienced this personally in the Third World. I suspect that the encounter was consensual, but that a fight broke out about the compensation. Probably DSK did not have much cash at hand. Then the only choice she had was to cry rape.

    The vast majority of people convicted for rape and sexual intimidation are innocent victims of feminist hysteria.

    On the other hand, there may be a philanthropic side to this story. Perhaps DSK intended to pay with his sperm by trying to impregnate her. As a highly intelligent man, he knew that low-status blacks would benefit immensely from his genes.

    If he is actually convicted and sentenced to maximum security prison, how long will he last?

    A French Jew who raped a Black Muslim woman is about the lowest imaginable place in the pecking order of an American prison.

    Pretty far to fall for this cosmopolitan jet-setter.