IMF Approves 26 Billion-Euro Loan to Portugal

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  1. May 20 (Bloomberg) -- The International Monetary Fund said today it approved a 26 billion-euro loan to Portugal as part of a joint rescue package with the European Union.

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    For all the media outlet babblers and wannabe commentators out there about the "effectiveness" of the IMF to make decision without DSK: that´s exactly why you have become "journalists": babbling is your strength and parrots are your best friends! :)
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    I was going to post this, this is just another unfuckingbelievable situation, how many fucking bailouts does this world need, is there anything such as failure in this world can only avoid a problem for so long, eventually bailouts wont work.....the reason why everything is still on edge is because they keep feeding the problem, how many more trillions do they have to pump into the system here and everywhere else to keep the markets satisfied. Anyone who believes there is a turn around and economic growth on the way is only being fooled, everything is being pushed higher because of these bailouts. Nothing but more smoke and mirrors......
  3. is this good news for the market or not?
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    would DSK have approved this bailout?
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    Its only good news, how can anyone think a bailout of any kind could be bad news!!!!

  6. the size of the bailout matters, was it expected now, etc.?

    what was the strange VIX spike on Friday about? that the bailout may not be approved? was the spike not about the bailout at all?
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    My bad, sorry about that. :D
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    shortie..common over thinking the s**t..
    take another guess, here is the hint for ya:
  10. do a simple study that attempts to prove your point. you may be surprised how wrong you actually are. i have not done it myself but from my memory while watching VIX during option Expr it is typically DOWN on Expr.

    I do know for a fact that VIX is down on ANY Friday (on average).

    I don't really expect you to come back to this thread with admission of being wrong (or your proof).
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