Imclone And Coco----nasdaq A Rigged Game

Discussion in 'Trading' started by grimer11, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. "Do overs for me, but not for thee."

    NASDAQ and electronic trading platforms are increasingly being shown to be inferior trading systems run by the large "divestment houses" to the detriment of everyone's amazing how the p.r. machine glosses over this, at best ridiculously unprofessional behaviour, and at worst, in your face have a better chance winning a million dollars at a san gennarro game booth.

  2. It was over when Goldman Sachs bought Spear, Leeds. Rich source of trading info, if ya know what I mean. :D
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    Its a clown show and if the drug had not been approved u wud b sitting long and they wud open it happily down $20 and give u the finger about breaking those
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    SLK gonna b ntg more then a server on the floor of the exchange w/ all the specialist fanning it w/ palm leaves