IMCL killed me and then saved me

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by executioner, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. i was in at 50 pre-market and got taken out at 48.75 only to have it go to 51 and change. i lost 1700 and then made it all back plus 300. now i'm up about 300 on the day with it.i think trading these news driven stocks can be a killer. not real happy about this becaue my comeback was luck and the loss i took was recklessness.
  2. Just so you know.:p
  3. hbiawos


    IMCL's a short here, imo. Long term resistance at the $47.20 area, more sellers than buyers yesterday, this is a Phase III study, not an approval letter. Dubious impact to the bottom line as this is not a popular U.S. regimen---better for Merck KGaA. We'll see.
  4. Geez do not short IMCL, they are more in play than ever, this is a buyout I'm hearing... not in the name yet myself but it's on the radar. ~ stoney
  5. the IMCL trade was all luck and nothing else. played amgn today for scalp pre amrket. i am actually out of trading these were my first trades in a while its getting hard for me.
  6. It's extremely HARD right now executioner I could tell you story after story ARNA was my favorite collapse yesterday on good news.. keep on plugging, take AMGN as a tell for bio in general >the IMCL is doing it's thing, broadening out from head and neck cancer and has Carl Icon in there agitating, ONXX is another strong play, VRTX some names are separating from the pack and will be the new Biogen, DNA type plays. ~ SI
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    Turned out to be a pretty nifty short after all. I've been trading IMCL for 9 years. It's a sick, sad stock with a sick, sad story and by this time I feel like I can pretty much write the script on this one....Until Avastin is knocked off its perch as the "gold standard" of treatment for many of the same cancers that Erbitux treats, IMCL stock rallies are always shortable.