IMC, Optiver, Getco, etc

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by sharknyc, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. sharknyc


    ball park how much does a "trainee" get to start off at one of these firms.

    My nephew is asking me and I told him about 30k??
    thats what guys on the floor pay so i figured these off-floor firms pay the same.

    Anyone with an idea?
  2. dr_sean


    A lot of those e.g. Optiver/IMC should pay closer to 50k from my experience. I don't think it was too long ago though that the # was more like 30k.
  3. rosy2


    it doesnt matter. 30k to 80k is about the range. if he cannot program he will just sit and make sure the programs are running correctly. its an opererations job IMO.
  4. sharknyc


    hes a "quant" so should suit him well, thanks guys
  5. IMC pays closer to 70-80k for incoming junior traders which I think is quite ridiculous for a greeny straight out of college. And that is base salary.