Imbedded Graphics vs Card

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    Why do you say that? What difference does it make. Linksys is Linksys, n'est pas?

    Or are you just doing your usual busting on me? Hey, I admit to being in the dark as far as technology goes. To me, these computers are like a car for most people. Just gotta know how to drive 'em. Knowing how or why they work is meaningless to the majority of drivers.

    While having used a computer long enough to have to have known a little DOS probably puts me in the top 1% knowledge-wise among the general population, the gap between my level of knowledge and yours (for example) is HUGE.

    Sort of like when I lived in Aspen (as you claim I did not)....tourists thought I was a great skier. I was good enough to be an instructor at Highlands (they had far lower standards than the Aspen Ski Corp.) But I knew the difference between my ability and that of a beginner skier was really less than the difference between my ability and that of the world class skiers. Being in the top 1% in that case, just like in technology, is very unimpressive. So I readily admit to being a total dimwit as far as understanding this stuff. And I admire you guys that actually can make sense of it. Wish I could. But I know I never will.

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  2. Man, you got the ET History Dredge running full steam today.

    You wanna reformat? What O/S? Win98: boot from startup disk and select the choice to make the CD operative. Then at the "C" (or A: for that matter) prompt, type ---> format c: /s /u

    BTW, if you have WIN98, you should junk it for WIN2K if the system has enough juice.
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