Discussion in 'Stocks' started by trader56, May 29, 2008.

  1. I recently started listening to a squack box thing throughout the trading day. This brings all the economic reports as they're released, and largely useless rumors, comments from the Fed and CEO's - junk, in general.

    However, toward the end of the trading day, they report on something called "Imbalances." I have an idea what this is, but would like to hear from those with experience with this. Just what are these "Imbalances?"

    Thanks for any constructive help - I curious to see if my idea is correct.
  2. Do a search on it. Plenty info on this site about it. In a nut shell, basically orders that needs to get fill before the end of the day either buy or sell.
  3. Thanks - in the process of searching now. I did look at a few academic papers, but these seemed to look more at the long-term effects of order imbalances, rather than any effect for the current or coming day's trading.
  4. Sorry bud you are late to the party....we used to make a killing on them in the past...but they are pretty worthless now...just specialists playing games..i wouldnt worry to much about them
  5. just trying to learn a bit more - haven't seen any notable effect.