Imagine the humiliation...

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  1. fan27


    Imagine the humiliation of showing up to a party and hearing all the whispers of ridicule as you BARELY made the list of highest paid hedge fund managers in 2017. In fact, you were DEAD LAST on the list. That was the fate of Michael Hintze for his paltry 2017 compensation of $200 million. I would probably just stay home until I improved my performance.
  2. luisHK


    Most of us Elite Traders have been through such difficult times during our formative years.
    It was painful to tell the young fiancee she would have to do with a middle class lifestyle for a while but happily it didn t last.
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  3. d08


    When it happened to me, I thought "what's next, flying with the rest of the cattle in first class? Driving your own Rolls like a simpleton?". A nightmare.
  4. Handle123


    You can always buy two side by side tickets, have you friend sit next to you.

    I prefer Fords with the crank.

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  5. d08


    No need to go that far in history. My grandfather's VAZ (Žiguli/Lada) had an option to use the crank for starting. That car was in daily use as late as the 90s!

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  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I think that'd be awesome. If it were me, I'd totally ham it up and piss everyone off. Go up to the hors d'oeuvres and yell out "Hey, is this stuff free??" Then delightedly stuff my pockets with shrimp, etc. Loudly ask the bartender "How long is the open bar for? Hey, honey - look. They have the good stuff here!" Sing the Jefferson's theme song. Upset furniture. You know, make everyone uncomfortable.
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