Imagine that the market is a motorway with crossroads ...

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by harrytrader, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. What I said here could could seem abstract:

    "within my framework I don't really need to count waves and calculate fibo ratios since you can see the form of the curves : it's kind of circular strings so what you see is directly or litteraly cycle picture that one can translate into waves but the underground hidden "reality" if I can express thing like that is cycle. Perhaps I should call my stuff String Theory to distinguish from (Elliott) Wave Theory. "

    So for you to SEE it I had put the path followed by the market until friday. remark that each cross-target acted like crossroads on a motorway since it is there that market decided to make U-Turn :D. Note that the green cross-target at 9104 had been crossed again so the bullish implication.

    <IMG SRC=>
  2. It is at 9104 that market must have gun the stops of many putters :D !



    awesome, thank you.