imagine if aig was still in the dow

Discussion in 'Trading' started by staffpro, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. that 700 we saw a few minutes ago would be 900+ bringing everything else down even more, this is crazy.
  2. Can you explain how AIG would make the Dow an additional 200+ points down? It's down 46 cents at this point.
  3. aig used to be part of the dow up until a few weeks ago when it was replaced with kraft foods, kraft is inherently a defensive stock it is only down 1% right now while aig is down 15%, i don't know how much of a weight aig had when it was part of the dow but FOR sure that fact alone, the dow would've been lower.
  4. Ok, I guess I'm just niave. I don't see how AIG could have effected it if it's only down 45 cents.
  5. I guess what he is trying to say is that is down 15%...but I am with you, Ican''t see what -.49 cent can do...I guess we will never know