Imagine how well the market would be doing if we had a DECENT CANDIDATE FOR PREZ

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. 10% better at least.
  2. Having to choose between McCain or Obama is like choosing heart disease or cancer. :(
  3. The market says you two are wrong.
  4. 10% or 100% you'd still be losing
  5. Really? I thought the market was down huge since they realized Tweedle Dee and Osama Dumb were the choices.

    Pardon my error
  6. hughb


    These are two good candidates, even though I'm sure most Republicans would disagree with me. Neither one has done anything spectacular or horrendous during their careers.

    The last election was a different story. I had to vote for John Kerry, a candidate that I did not approve of, because I wanted Bush out of office. They were both poor choices, I did what I had to do.

    This time I had trouble deciding who to vote for. At first I chose McCain for his tax stance, but then switched to Obama after McCain announced his support for California's prop 8. Another reason I changed my mind was for the sheeple reason - I like Obama. The more I learned about him, the more I watched and listened to him, the more he was slandered, the more I liked.

    My vote has been cast, I hope Obama wins, but if McCain wins it's fine with me. The US will be fine with either in the White House. This will be a fun election to sit up all night and watch.
  7. Mecro


    You're so stupid, it's funny at first. But it's actually very sad, because there are many many people just like you. I would say most Americans have this illussion.

    You're in for some big surprises next year.
  8. hughb


    Not in for any surprises dumbass. It doesn't matter who's in the white house, it has no effect on you.

    Learn how to spell before you go around calling other people stupid, ya friggin' dumbass.
  9. LOL. I'm not sure but I think illussion might be a northern European spelling, Danish perhaps.
  10. Obama is the fruit of meritocracy
    McCain is the son of an admiral

    Kerry is a war hero
    Bush is a draft dodging son of privileged, retard
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