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    Image Quality

    Would image quality suffer using the Dell 14" Laptop vs the HP 17.3" if a 23" 1920 x 1080 res monitor is attached via VGA cable, and software preferences are fully optimised?

    Dell Inspiron 14" Display - (1366 x 768) HD WLED, Graphics - Intel® HD
    HP dv7t 17.3" Display - (1600 x 900) HD WLED, Graphics - Intel® HD
    Monitor Type - LED, Screen Size - 23", Res - 1920 x 1080
  2. Shouldn't, and both monitor and laptop should be set at their native resolution. Of course the 17", would be better because of its higher resolution.
  3. Looks like both the Dell laptop and the HP laptop use the Intel integrated graphics processor, which is integrated with the CPU. If that's the case, basically both laptops have the same graphics unit. It shouldn't make a difference to you using the VGA port.

    I personally like bigger laptop screens. That's just my preference. While this Dell model has a smaller screen, it has a faster processor (i5 second gen versus i3 second gen). Faster is always better considering other things equal.
  4. To add:

    I don't have any experience with Dell laptops. But I have 3 HP laptops and unfortunate to say I will not recommend HP laptops because of quality issues.

    Out of the 3, only Compaq Presario A900 Notebook didn't have any problems. It is a decent laptop actually. I might be wrong but I think the latest incarnation of that series of laptop is HP Pavillion g7t.

    The second one is HP dv9730us laptop. That one is a lemon. Returned to factory 3 times. Disk drive problem. Motherboard problem. Disk drive problem again.

    The latest one is HP dv8t 1100 laptop. (This is in the similar line to the dv7t you are thinking of getting.) Returned to factory 1 time so far (about 1 year). Disk drive problem and screen problem - loose connection. Also it has a known factory defect... HP knows about it but won't acknowledge it. The wifi key and the treble/base keys will go berserk all the time. Meaning that wifi will randomly come on and off. From what I have read, they have an unground or unfastened ribbon cable or something inside the chassis. It is really a PITA.