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    Hey Guys/Gals,

    My name is Josh, I am a newer investor if anybody need's any help with trading feel free to message me or post to this forum section. I am a great trader, I was taught everything from my uncle who is a very successful stockbroker of whom owes his own firm. Growing up I always knew I wanted to sale something. Being a stockbroker is a dream come true. I love what I do and will work my rear end off for you!

    The stock market is like a gold mine that can explode at any given moment, You just got to know where to stick your pic. I do all your dirty work, If your tired of spending countless hours on the computer digging through companies trying to find the next big thing then hire me. I have been around for 2 year's and enjoy doing this. Let's make all your dreams a reality and as god as my witness i ill do my very best to make you all succeed!

    Best Regards,


    PS happy trading.
  2. hughb


    Oh boy, traderzones is gonna get you!
  3. LEAPup


    I'm a Series 7 General Securities Rep and a Series 66 RIA. I have NEVER solicited anyone on ET, and never will. I am here to learn new things, not sell anything.

    None the less, welcome to ET. Also, welcome to ignore.
  4. How much u charge ? i'm curious what a 'newer' investor charges for this.
  5. Wow. With that kind of longevity and track record, I bet you will have lots of "clients" to make rich...
  6. You mean, "JoePaterno" now right?


  7. tortoise


    it's a parody, and a droll one at that. the misapplication of apostrophes is a deft touch.
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