I'm Watching Less and Less of ESPN

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    I will eventually not watch ESPN at all and instead get all of my sport news and clips online.

    The reasons why I am watching less of ESPN:

    1) Can't stand a lot of the anchors
    2) Can't stand a lot of the analysts
    6) Can't stand the east coast bias
    16) Can't stand ESPN producers and executives

    I wish there was someone else to compete against ESPN and don't say Fox Sports cause there not good but i wish they were.

    Which ESPN anchor/analyst bother you the most?

    I can't stand mel kiper, mark schlereth, karl ravage, rece davis, trey wingo, and chris fowler.
  2. Reasons not to watch ESPN--

    1) Stuart Scott

    2) The NBA. All of it and anything having to do with it.

    3) Kenny Mayne

    4) The X games

    5) Around the Horn (All of them blow).

    6) Len Berman (his stupid nicknames are soooooooo played).


    Reasons to watch ESPN

    1) PTI- Great show.

    2) College Basketball (minus Digger Phelps and Bobby Knight).

    3) College Gameday (Football). Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreet are great.

    Ummmmm, that's really about it. So sad. It used to be so much better before they all had to try to be "ghetto hip" with their stupid slang bullshit. Stuart Scott fucking blows!!!!!!!!
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    I agree with you about PTI and College Gameday (Football). Everything else sucks on ESPN
  4. how long before you don't even turn it on do you think?
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    That's a good question.

    Sportcenter - 0 minutes
    NBA shows - 0 minutes
    Baseball shows - 0 minutes
    Around the horn - 0 minutes
    Rome is burning - 0 minutes
    Daytime shows - 0 minutes
    Woman's sports all - 0 minutes
    NFL shows and reviews - 0 minutes
    PTI - every now or then
    College football game day - yes
    College football games - yes
    Nhl games - yes
    College basketball games - yes
    All other ESPN shows - NO and double NO

    I'm already not watching any of the shows I mentioned with 0 minutes but will continue to watch football games and some college b-ball.

    I get all of my sports updates on yahoo and other sport internet sites and blogs. Much faster and will help reduce some of your time that you spend watching games.
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    Ok, I finally calculated this. The way I see it with ESPN these days, approximately 6 days, I will no longer watch ESPN, until college football starts.