I'm voting for McCain

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  1. I really like Obama, but I cannot support his populist socialist policies. ($1,000 free money to families by big oil, opposing offshore drilling to appease the greens but offering no viable solution of his own, trying to force unions on successful and productive businesses, and finally his views on abortion.)

    Not that McCain is any better, but as a Florida voter I'm going to send a message that I will not stand for that crap!

    Obama is really an idiot. After defeating Hillary Clinton he should have moved right-of-center quickly. But he seems to be getting more liberal everyday.
  2. Come on Kin, analyze what you just wrote.

    Populist socialist policies? Bush has given 2 rebates so far that have been funded by taking on more debt, thus leading to a weaker dollar and hurting the country more via inflation. Obama at least is bright enough to know you need a source of money to spend.

    We don't need to expand offshore drilling yet, there really is plenty of oil to go around and is just part of the global geo-political problems that bush has helped to create, also another fallout from his "borrow and spend" strategy that has destroyed our dollar.

    Unions have been around since the dawn of the country and have worked under both party's, so this is a neutral point.

    Abortion!! This is one of the biggest scams of the Republican party! They promise to turn it every time and guess what? It will likely never happen. This is one of the empty campaign promises used every 4 years, go back and check.

    I myself don't really consider myself party affiliated, I choose who is right for the time. I was a bush supporter for term 1, chose not to vote last election, and will choose to change the unsustainable path we're on now by voting against 4 more years (McCain).

    All I see is people questioning Obama, why don't people put McCAin under the same scrutiny? He plans on MORE tax cuts? You guys are smart enough to know that you can't spend AND cut taxes. Don't even think about bringing up the cut spending topic, that is bullshit as this administration has spent more than ANY in history, and McCain will not change course.

    The smartest investor in the world is on whos side?? what does that tell you?
  3. another proof that klans are dumbest ppl on terra firma.
  4. Good points. With McCain, we may not like him but at least we know we won't be getting radical Nancy Pelosi policies.

    This election has turned into a referendum on Obama. I think most people like the guy but see him as way too risky. Too inexperienced, too many questionable associations, too liitle in the way of a record or real accomplishments.
  5. Same here. After Ron Paul dropped out, I switched to McCain, who's the lesser of the remaining evils. Aside from the Iraq war, I actually like his stance on energy policy and he's been condemning government bailouts of investment banks and mortgage giants, too.
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    I had planned to vote for McCain until he came out in support of California's prop 8, which amends our constitution to ban same sex marriage. I can understand why people would be opposed to same sex marriage, but to try to ban it is another matter. So I will not give him my vote.

    Now that I've gotten to know Obama, I've gotten to like him. The attacks on him make me like him even more, and I wonder if others feel the same way. It would be ironic if the people who beat the drums about Obama being a radical muslim actually helped him to get elected. The latest sound bites in the media about him are how people can not relate to him or understand his values. Well, I'm a white male and I can relate to him and understand his values just fine, now that I've cut throught the bullshit that has been slung about him. I like the guy. But can I vote for him knowing it will mean an increase in my capital gains tax? I'm not sure. He claims no one who makes under $250K will have higher taxes, but I haven't heard him mention scaling the capital gains tax either. I make less than $250K, and if I can be assured my tax bill will not increase, he's definitley got my vote.
  7. In many aspects, McCain is more like most Americans than Obama is.

    Obama is slim.
    McCain is overweight.
    Most Americans are overweight.
    Advantage: McCain.
    (Hasn't there been a WSJ op-ed on this?)

    Obama has no credit card debt.
    McCain has over 100k in credit card debt.
    Most Americans have credit card debts.
    Advantage: McCain.

    Obama's IQ is 130-148.
    McCain's IQ is 133.
    Most Americans have IQs below 100. (American average IQ is 98).
    Advantage: Tie.

    Obama is black.
    McCain is white.
    Most Americans are still white.
    Advantage: McCain.

    I don't see how Obama can win.
  8. You're not supposed to pick the one that resembles you the most, you dumbass. You're supposed to pick the one that's best fit to lead the country. The very fact that you are thinking like that demonstrates how horrendously unfit you are to lead anything, and thus making it even more important for you NOT to pick anyone who resembles yourself.
  9. I'm voting Republican because given a choice between a president who can use a computer and one who has stated publicly "I am an illiterate that has to rely on my wife for all of the assistance that I can get" -- it makes sense to me to choose the guy who can't. Don't take a risk, choose the guy who'll continue the successful, and in many ways record-breaking policies of the last eight years.

  10. Obama can tell a good joke.
    McCain's jokes are insults (gooks, c*nt, drunken sailors...).
    Most Americans don't have a sense of humor (they thought Bush was funny).
    Advantage: McCain.
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