I'm Voting for John Edwards.......

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  1. He a man uh da peeple:


    Carolina Journal Exclusives
    Edwards Home County's Largest
    By Don Carrington

    RALEIGH - Presidential candidate John Edwards and his family recently moved into what county tax officials say is the most valuable home in Orange County. The house, which includes a recreational building attached to the main living quarters, also is probably the largest in the county.

    The Edwards residential property will likely have the highest tax value in the county,- Orange County Tax Assessor John Smith told Carolina Journal. He estimated that the tax value will exceed $6 million when the facility is completed.

    The rambling structure sits in the middle of a 102-acre estate on Old Greensboro Road west of Chapel Hill. The heavily wooded site and winding driveway ensure that the home is not visible from the road. "No Trespassing" signs discourage passersby from venturing past the gate.

    Don Knight, Orange County building plans examiner, told CJ that, including the recreational building, the Edwardses' home would be one of the largest in Orange County.

    Knight approved the building plans that showed the Edwards home totaling 28,200 square feet of connected space. The main house is 10,400 square feet and has two garages. The recreation building, a red, barn-like building containing 15,600 square feet, is connected to the house by a closed-in and roofed structure of varying widths and elevations that totals 2,200 square feet.

    The main house is all on one level except for a 600-square-foot bedroom and bath area above the guest garage.

    The recreation building contains a basketball court, a squash court, two stages, a bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, swimming pool, a four-story tower, and a room designated "John's Lounge."

    Edwards was the Democratic candidate for vice president in 2004 and a former N.C. senator.

    Thursday afternoon, the Edwards for President press office was unable to provide information on any additional buildings planned for the estate.

    Don Carrington is executive editor of Carolina Journal.
  2. Arnie


    I'm certainly no fan of John Edwards, but what is your point? That a rich man can't be president? That he has somehow betrayed the Democrat party? Fess up man!!:D
  3. He was in the back yard of some poor soul in the Ninth Ward with a shovel that somebody probably had to identify for him. it was one of those, "we're all in this together " pieces of crap.

    For that kind of jing, why not build abou six city blocks for the folks. Why pretend? Watch. He'll show his true nature many more times in this mess. I'm so sick of these clowns time after time.

    Isn't there an honest, intelligent man someplace that wants to run for something (or woman). ?
  4. what are you voting him for? democratic nominee?
  5. Both AAA and Mav made a tremendous point in the midst of the 2004 primary's. Voters in the Democrat Party had a chance to vote Dick Gephardt as their nominee for President. Gephardt is the son of a St.Louis fireman and was the highest ranking champion fof labor and opponent of "free" trade in the U.S. Congress. He was swamped. Class warfare Dem's decided that Edwards, a multi-million dollar ambulance chaser with the most lackluster Senate record imaginable, Kerry, a social-climbing nere-do-well who married an ugly woman with a half-billion dollar dowry and Dean, the well bred Long Islander turned rich physician were better representatives of Demo values than old Dick.

    Democrat's EAT UP the whole wealthy, Prince Charming as candidate type thing.
  6. A different way to say it:

    My wife';s grandfather was Mayor of a very small town; he owned the local hotel, and it the early part of the 20th century, that was the hub of the town.

    A local businessman, doing very well, bought a very nice new car. His business dropped to almost nothing.

    If you're going to run for President, and you espouse a liberal, for the working man platform, common sense would be to defer the purchase of a palatial estate. Operative phrase is "common sense". What he has "said" through is actions is, "I really don't care what you think. I'm doing what I want." It is a window into his "soul",like he has one.
  7. Sad, but true. I said all along that Gephardt would have beat Bush, and beat him easily. When the loons pushed him out, I knew it was over.
    Why do you think Evan Bayh bailed out already? He knows he is no where near goofy enough to get the party support. Why waste the time and money?
    And for this post I'll get crucified as a Con pretending to be a Dem. Fact is I don't give a shit how far right the Repubs go. The further the better. Problem is Dems can't take advantage of that. The DNC still thinks we need to move farther left, when nothing could be further from the truth.
  8. I am an Edwards fan also.

    I think he will destroy Hill.

    Problem is, way too far left.

    Repubs win again.

    Romney, not McCain.

    Dems just can't get the national thing right.
  9. I think you missed the point. That is satirical. I wouldn't vote for Edwards for Dogcatcher. He's as sincere as Chavez.
  10. What a bunch of losers, still don't know what the USA stands for...
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