I'm upset.....why did you have to ruin Tampa's thread?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bobcathy1, May 5, 2004.

  1. bobcathy1

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    I am really ticked off.....
    Why did you guys have to go ahead and ruin Tampa's thread?

    I was really enjoying reading Tampa's Short Skirt Trades until the morons moved in and scared him off again.

    Shame on you.:mad:
  2. Magna

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    While dbphoenix and I make a continual effort to keep his Price/Volume journal free of the ET trolls, tampa never once PM'd me with a request to alter or remove any posts. So while he may feel like he was "driven off" the bottom line is that he made absolutely no effort whatsoever to prevent or correct the situation. And I'm sorry he felt the need to bail on his journal again as I enjoyed reading his posts.
  3. Lewis Grizzard, Patrick McManus and PJ O'Rourke all rolled up into one - That's our Tampa!

  4. (1) No need to use the plural form - guy, or in this case Dick, would have been more accurate.

    (2) I did suggest to tampa (via PM) to use Magna's services, but he would have none of it.

    (3) The dangling lure of 100,000 page-views is just too much for tampa not to come back. The only question is when.
  5. can Tampa trade?
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    Hmmm....I hope he does come back....I really am entertained by his journal. Just sorry he does not ask for editing Magna.....that is really a shame. Bob and I wait for the nuggets that fall from his fingers.

    Can he trade? I could care less. I just enjoy what he writes.

  7. i agree.. tampa was entertaining.. its a shame that ET doesnt allow journal authors to delete posts in their own threads..

  8. Nuggets of what ... wit?? This is why your all bent out of shape?

  9. pet peeve: you're not your
  10. i do it my way 'cause its quicker

    "loser/looser" is mine.. :)
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