I'm up for the year!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by VinMan, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. VinMan


    I'm up for the year 1% so annualize that!

    I have zero down days and no drawdown.

    100% of my trades are winners so far!
  2. You're the Man!

    Quit now while you're ahead!!!
  3. spd


    Can I borrow like 50 bucks?
  4. S&P up 1.55%, fail!
  5. Yes, while I'm up 14% on 19 trades of which only 2 were losing.

    If I keep this up every day, i'll be a multi-millionaire by the end of the year!

    So take that! :D :D
  6. VinMan


    First mistakes of the year..undersize on a great scenario, sell too soon and/or not taking partial and letting rest run w/ stop at entry on balance giving me a free trade!
  7. buy the tops and sell the bottoms.

    or is it the other way...:)