I'm trying to make my t.v. into my secondary moniter

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  1. Hey everyone, I've wired my t.v. to my vcr and then I have my other cord running down to my video card, and its screwed into there. When I go to display settings and click on my second moniter to attach it, and hit apply, the moniter does not attach. Can someone please help me with how I can get my second moniter up and running?
  2. This may be a different issue, but Windows will support certain functions only on the primary monitor.... TV is one of them.
  3. Well, im not trying to watch t.v., im trying to make my t.v. my secondary moniter, and I cant figure out why it wont work.
  4. OK, I'm fishing a bit here...

    1. Does your monitor support "TV out"? Has an S-Video port.

    2. Do you have the latest driver installed.

    3. Even if the above are applicable, could be that your TV only displays what your primary monitor displays... does not act like an independent, separate monitor.
  5. Uuum, im not really sure. I have a cord plugged into video out on my video card, and its running up to my vcr, which is wired to my t.v.
  6. Try plugging it directly into the TV. If that works, then (a) you just have to get the correct setting on the VCR, or (b) it won't work through the VCR.
  7. Also, a second video card or replace the current one with a dualhead. Using a TV as a 2nd monitor isn't a very good nor functional idea.
  8. ok, i've plugged the cord into my tv directly into the vcard and i have nothing.
  9. Go into Windows/Display and see if there is something to enable your TV. Otherwise, check the software or driver features of the video card.
  10. Give it up, its going to suck big time anyway unless its a TV that is specifically designed to be used as a monitor.
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