I'm tired of Larry Kudlow

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kashirin, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Greatest story never told
    Greatest story never told

    I start thinking he is writing here too

    Remember a guy who always says

    I love 100% upside here
    I love 100% upside here
  2. Shorts always complain about Larry Kudlow.
  3. KS96


    "100% up room to go", you mean?
  4. i'm not a short, but i just hate Kudlow. Period.
  5. KS96


    who is Kudlow? Please send a link or something.
  6. For 3 years 2000-2003 Larry said everyday - it's a bottom, it's a bottom.

    I have nothing to complain. What he says is only bad for longs. He never accepts markets might go down.

    Maybe if we have Democrat president he will change his mind
  7. nah he'll just keep on bitchin and wasting bandwidth on the cnbc relay satellites.
  8. I find his optimism refreshing.

    Sometimes he does go overboard.

    And ya I can see why he pisses off people who get caught short.
  9. A perma bull or perma bear will get it right eventually.
  10. Sometimes I wonder with Larry does he love backside or upside? His eternal optimism on America is right out of a fairy tale!
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