I'm Tim Sykes...Look at me!!!!

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  1. Cilantro Fund mercifully youthanized by its 26 year old publicity ho manager, Timmy Sykes
    As expected, super self-promotional idiot trader Timmy Sykes has announced that he's shutting down his itty bitty, funded with Bar Mitzvah shekels hedge fund. He took the opportunity of announcing that he was pulling the plug on the fund's life support to simultaneously announce the launch of his new self-published book. Or is that a re-launch? He's been relentlessly touting it since last July, so relaunch seems more appropriate. In any case, he provides an Amazon.com link not one, not two, but three times in his page long tribute to himself. (Thanks to the reader who sent this to us early today!) Here's the first paragraph -- we can't stomach giving this pretender any more publicity than that:

    Cilantro Fund Closing, Read All About It In New Book

    Today, it is both with great sadness and joy that I am announcing the closing of my hedge fund, Cilantro Fund Partners, LP and the official release of my debut book An American Hedge Fund. Thanks to the success of my TV show, 'Wall Street Warriors', I've been inundated with questions from people wanting to know more about stock trading and hedge funds. I am sick and tired of how little the general public knows about these subjects.. Some of you might not think this is relevant to you, but you're wrong. Whether you're in finance or not, this is about protecting our right to freedom of speech.

    Gag. Next!

    Fucking loser
  2. Surdo


    What a fool!
    I watched the video, Tim makes Milli Vanilli look like Warren Buffet.
  3. This is bullshit. Sykes SPAMS the hell out of this place everytime he gets another website review.

    I put up one negative review about Timmy, and it gets moved to chit-chat?

    Just because Sykes is a sponsor doesn't mean there should be a double standard.

    This should be put back in the Wall St. News section, or all of Timmy's bullshit reviews should be put in chit-chat too.

    Stop the double standard. The website is a legitimate piece about Timmy.
  4. achilles28


    To his credit (and seemingly, defense) charting yields better results then fundamentals.

    Tim is a natural marketer. He's got the confidence, swag and good looks. No doubt.

    But does that equate to bankable experience? Apparently in this world, it doesn't matter.