i'm thinking of investing in YHOO

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    I did let you know. Then you disappeared.
    The thought of someone actually willing to meet you in person cause you to piss your panties?
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  2. I don't have time to deal with bumfucks out of the country side of georgia. let me know when u move to a "city" instead of the farmland u are camping out on .

    " I'll spar with you man, I'll be waiting for you outside of my pig farm in Islamabad , Northen India" - lucrum

    dumb fucking peasants with too much mouth in them.
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  3. Maybe not the master of price action but rather master of hyperbole.


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    Well...which is it?
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    I'm only 45 minutes north of Atlanta. That not a big enough "city" for you girlie man?
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  7. Any more scalp investments?
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