i'm thinking of investing in YHOO

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  1. YHOO long 16.12 afterhours

    lets see what happens
    stop loss 16.10
  2. 9000 shares long

    es short, equal $ amount
  3. -600 on complete position
    not too bad for 120k position ,

    +180 from es hedge
  4. Just a warm up trade for the master of price action?
  5. little error on the execution/chart reading
    ,missed an entry on 16.02
    that wasn't so good.
  6. was going to do a
    500,000$ entry on 16.03 too

    dice rolla is here
  7. LEAPup


    Good call!:)

    Market neutral, and dollar neutral.:)
  8. Lucrum


    A 22 minute investment?
    That's awfully short term, even for a paper <s>trade</s> "investment".

    Meanwhile I was thinking of buying all floating shares listed on the NYSE, just for scalp of course. :D
  9. I might start specializing in takeover trades and rumours,

    that was very very easy to read imo.

    FUCK is the world.
    for FUCK YOU money
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