I'm thinking of getting out of pakistan.

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    My country of residence and citizenship is pakistan and currently i trade using IB. Mainly Spot EURs, ES and FESX. Shit is basically falling apart with power outages(using generator and ups here) . Internet is ok thus far, but i dont suppose for too long. I am looking for an option to bail and get a work visa someplace else.
    I don't suppose UK arcades would be able to get me a work visa(hope i'm wrong) and was thus interested in DPTG. My acct balance is a little under a 100k. Other than dubai what other options do I have?

    Regarding dptg I would like to ask someone who trades there:
    1. I trade CME and eurex, and FX. Is their FX offering any good(compared to IB).

    2. Are the exchange connections solid and low latency?

    3. Financially sound, ethical and professional administration around?

    4. Are their traders any good, doing high volumes? I am not looking for training and such.

  2. Cayman might be an option..
  3. You could stick it out in your own country and make it a better place. $100k in Pakistan could do a ton of good.
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    it gets a bit complicated when the biggest mobster of the country is also it's president and every low life bureaucrat wants his "share of my good fortune". not to mention ransom kidnappings and all that

    My main concern in this thread however is the declining quality of infrastructure here and it would probably make trading impossible for me here. it also happens to be my only skill. wouldn't be able to do much good without it. And thus here I am looking for some insight...
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    I think the sponsership of a visa is a no go, too much hassle for an arcade. Arcades don't operate like a normal business when it comes to human resources. But if your past results are truly spectacular and can be properly audited then some might be interested.

    Do you have any relations in the UK as an idea might be to keep going there on a holiday visa for a few months, then back home, then back to the UK etc.

    Or what about setting yourself up in Thailand, thatmight well be your best bet. Good luck anyway.
  6. dakoo


    No, unfortunately no near relatives in the UK. I thought about east asia, but my trading hours are from GMT 7:00 to 20:00. I would think the timings would be far too odd.
    The thing is. I do like it here. But if i can't have basic requirements for a trading account here, i just need to keep my options open.

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    The cayman islands would entail me having to get up at 2 or 3 am to start my trading day with the fesx. I'll pass :D
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    go to India.
  9. Mumbai is your best choice
  10. dakoo


    Other than the fact they both have a couple hundred nukes pointing at each other:p ......... not to mention the visa regime between both countries is sheer torture. u basically get a visa for 2 cities at most and have to report to indian police your location every week. pakistanis cannot own property in india either. a pakistani in india is treated like a spy and vice versa.
    and if i had to leave why would i trade one 3rd world hole for another.?
    it would seem its veering towards dubai.:p
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